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Alkaline And Acid: The Straight Story About A Truly 'Balanced' Diet

If you get nothing else from this book, get this:

What you eat matters.

The foods you use to fuel your body produce a chain reaction not only in your physical being, but in the state of your emotional and mental wellbeing, as well. Yet most people are more concerned with the fuel they put into their car than with what they put into their body. Clearly, the straightest path toward physical healing and renewal is to avoid introducing toxic and poisonous substances into the body, and to ingest only efficient and beneficial body fuels in the proper balance.

But just what is the proper balance of these efficient and beneficial body fuels?

Here’s the rule of thumb:

There should be a 3-to-1 ratio between the alkaline and acid foods you consume. In other words, to achieve a nutritionally healthy body, your diet should be composed 75% of alkaline foods and only 25% of acid foods.

To Understand More about Alkaline and Acid Foods:
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