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100% Raw, Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Soy Free, Corn Free, Egg Free, Yeast Free, Nut Free (Raw Rounds™), Savory, Sweet, & Satisfying, Super Food Snacks!

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Q: What does "raw" mean?

A: Raw refers to a way of processing that does not destroy the living enzymes. Dehydrating is the preferred method as by keeping the ingredients to a temperature of 118°F or below will preserve the enzymes contained in the fruit, vegetable, seed, nut, that would have otherwise been destroyed by the extreme heat of cooking by baking, frying, roasting, which we do not do!

Q: How does raw benefit my body?

A: Heat changes the molecular structure of food, and destroys most or all of the food’s beneficial enzymes and renders its nutrients mostly unusable. Enzymes help the body to properly digest and assimilate food for optimal nutritional value. Although the body is capable of making enzymes it is believed to have a finite amount, and over time, the amount of available enzymes diminishes. Studies show that consuming living enzymes (i.e. raw food) can help conserve the body’s energy, help reduce disease-causing stress and helps to support a healthier digestive system.

Q: What foods make up a raw food diet?

A: Raw food diets include the following in a “raw” state so as to ensure one is getting truly living food which contains intact enzymes that have not been damaged by extreme heat or cold such as: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and any other classified as raw, and usually a combination of them all.

Q: Why is the bag of crackers and chips lightweight?

A: Ellen’s Organic® Snacks are concentrated Super Foods; containing powerful ingredients that have when combined is a huge volume prior to dehydration which is due to the water and moisture content. Once this is removed by this process of dehydration under 118 degrees what is left is similar to “space food”, concentrated form of nutrition whereby in a small amount provides power packed nutrition, living enzymes, protein, fiber, basically clean, pure, snacks for children and adults. The shelf life is also extended due to this process of at least a year or more!

Q: What makes Ellen's Organic different from other raw food snack companies?

A: Ellen’s Organic® products are always made from organic, premium, gluten free, non-gmo, vegan, kosher, ingredients. They are, and will always be, minimally processed to protect the living enzymes. We refrigerate our ingredients and stock, even though it’s not absolutely necessary to ensure fresh, safe product. We have strict protocols and guidelines for all our processing and packing so that every product from when the ingredients enter our plant to when they leave are quality inspected. We are also have routine FDA inspections to keep with USA standards and to ensure we are providing the most clean, healthy, powerful products for you!

Q: What makes Ellen's Organic® different from other raw food companies?

A: Ellen’s Organic® products are always made from organic, top-grade ingredients. They are, and will always be, vegan, gluten free, nut free and minimally processed. We refrigerate our ingredients and stock, even though it’s not absolutely necessary. We control our own processing and packing so that we have complete control of every product from when the ingredients enter our plant to when they leave as Go Raw products.

Q: What if I have an allergy to gluten?

A: All of our snacks; All Cracked Up& Raw Roundsare certified gluten free, wheat free, vegan, organic, kosher, dairy free, soy free, and nut free as well for our Raw RoundsVeggie and Seed chips! This way our customers can trust our products.

Q: What if i have an allergy to nuts?

A: Raw Roundsis also nut free using only seeds. Our production facility has separate designated areas to ensure there is no contamination. We do use coconut in all of our products and although it is not considered a true tree nut, anyone with an allergy to that ingredient or others clearly listed on the package should be mindful not just with Ellen’s Organic® snacks but with all food products. Please read all labels carefully. We wanted to make it easier for you so all of the allergens NOT in the products are clearly and boldly listed on the front of each package. All of our products are also low glycemic, PH balanced, wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, yeast free, non-GMO, corn free, egg free, soy free, nut free (Raw Rounds™) and Kosher and Vegan!

Q: What does gluten free mean, and why is it important?

A: Gluten, a protein found in grains such as wheat, spelt, kamut, durum, barley, oats and their crossbreed varieties. Gluten is known to cause inflammation in the small intestine of people with celiac disease, and causes additional problems in digestion for many others. Foods that contain gluten are usually concentrated high sources of carbohydrates which can lead to weight gain.

Q: Do Ellen’s Organic® products contain genetically modified ingredients?

A: No we only use NON–GMO ingredients in all our products. Foods that are genetically modified means their DNA has been purposefully altered to carry new traits that our bodies may not recognize and has raised concerns regarding how they may impact the health of ourselves and our children. Ellen’s Organic® is Certifed NON-GMO for all our snacks.

Q: What are coconut crystals?

A: Coconut Crystals are made from the natural sap of the coconut palm tree. It is a low glycemic, raw, enzymatically alive product, whereby a low temperature vacuum is used to evaporate and remove excess moisture, without destroying the natural important enzymes which then results in the crystallization texture.